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RTI Quality Assurance

RTI firmly believes that Quality Assurance/Quality Control is an essential prerequisite for the success of any program. The RTI QA/QC Programs has the following critical responsibilities and functions on all of its contracts:
  • Prepare/assist in the preparation of a project - specific QA/QC plan.
  • Perform program related QA/QC functions, such as reviewing personnel resumes and ensuring that the background matches the job description.
  • Coordinate with the Program/Project Managers to verify employee compliance with training and security requirements.
  • Ensure that new personnel are trained and indoctrinated as required.
  • Conduct surveillance and periodic audits of project activities to ensure conformance with Government requirements.
  • Coordinate with Government personnel and review products prepared by the project team to ensure they meet the quality standards of the Government.
  • Ensure that personnel responsibilities and commitments for quality implementation are adequately executed.
  • Ensure that corrective actions are fully implemented.