CCSI Support

RTI employees were major contributors to the development of the Common CBRN Sensor Interface Specification.
Our staff members produced and provided Emulation Software which we now produce under our own label. We also help build test tools that Sensor Vendors can utilize to test thier sensor or allow Test Orginization to build a network of sensors to test network traffic, reduce traning cost by elimination the need for tranport of expensive sensors to be delivered to testing location.
R&D and Advanced Research Projects Support
RTI personnel, in support of major sensor manufacturers, have participated in a number of ARPA programs aimed at providing miniature, low cost, yet highly sensitive detection of chemical warfare agents.
Our staff has the skills to assess system requirements and provide design, develop and prepare test plans for low-cost, embedded hardware/software control systems that would be able to manage a heterogeneous network of sensors over a wide geographic area or within a building or small complex.

RTI team members have provided JPM Information Systems crititcal SME support for over 5 years in the following areas
  • Systems Engineering Support
  • Project Management
  • Engineering support for JOEF, JWARN, JEM and Signal Fire
  • Information System Information Technology (IM/IT) standards
Our staff has provided critical S&T transition coordination between JPM IS and DTRA JSTO. We coordinated DTRA IT framework integration with JPM IS and JPEO CBD programs of records.